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Srimad Bhagwatgita : Chapter 1 : 36-39 - Commentary by Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र||
|| परमपूज्य, प्रातःस्मरणीय पं. श्री मुरलीधर जी मिश्र ||
I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr,  my Vidya Guru, Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji and the all compassionate Masters of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance..
प्रथमोSध्यायः… (Continued 1:36 – 1:39)
Lovely Souls,
I bow down to the Divine seated in your heart!
Arjuna further says “What joy we shall obtain, Janaradana in killing the sons of Dhritaraashtra? Only paapa (evil) would accrue to us by killing these malefactors (sinners). (1:37)”
In the first look it would seem as if Arjuna is talking like a sane person but see the hidden bitterness. The words he chooses for his cousins or brothers and uncle are ‘Sons of Dhritaraashtra’, In the same breath he is calling his uncle by his name and referring to his cousins as ‘Sons of Dhritaraastra’. And then onward he goes in the saintly mode. If you were a psychologist you would know this sentence is not making any sense. Arjuna’s expressions are oozing out from his contempt (at least his words in this shloka indicate it vaguely) for these mean  people whom he has still not forgiven or else why would he use the word ‘malefactors’ for them. Arjuna is also (unknowingly) expressing his ‘warrior orientation’ by asking “What joy shall be obtain in killing them?”.
This shloka is reflection of confused state of mind of Arjuna. He is still weighing the pros and cons… Arjuna is asking.. what benefit or the joy in killing them on one hand and on the other he is calling them malefactor. Similarly he is still referring them ‘sons of Dhritaraastra’. This phrase ‘son of Dhritraashtra’ may be loaded with contempt towards the Kauravas but Arjuna has not been able to dissociate them from his family-relationship. He is still seeing them as the sons of Dhritaraastra. He could have called them ‘enemy’ but could not! Because he is still focused on the relationship with these people who are up against him in this battle.
“Therefore we must not kill the ‘sons of Dhritaraashtra’ and our kinsmen. How could we become happy by killing our family, Madhava?” (1:38) Here Arjuna’s contempt is getting clearer for Kauravas for they are still ‘sons of Dhritaraastra’ for him and others are seen as ‘our kinsmen’. But his blurred logic is mixing things and later he clubs them all in the word ‘our family’. His logic is blurred because on one hand he is calling Kauravas malefactors but not able to see the support by ‘our kinsmen’ to Kauravas; making them equally full of malice and injustice.
This question ‘How could we become happy by killing our family?’ is baseless. In the history of time we have seen many legendary mothers killing their own sons for being traitors or for ravaging the noble traditional values and ethics. There have been daughters who killed their rapist fathers, police officers getting in to encounter with their true brothers… the list goes on.. No one can tolerate injustice and exploitation beyond a limit even if it comes from a member of one’s own family. But Arjuna is baffled and unprepared emotionally for this moment and thus his foggy mind is not letting him see the reality.
Though Arjuna is still posing to be in his senses but he definitely needs support.. subconsciously he is yearning for it and calling his most loved brother, his charioteer Krishna in every sentence. This sentence ends with ‘Madhava.. the previous one with Janardana’.. and see the third one in a row…
“Even if they (karuvas), because their minds have been deluded by greed, can’t see the wickedness of destroying the family and crime in betraying their own friends, how could we fail to see that we should turn away from this evil, we who see the wickedness of destroying the family, Janardana
Arjuna is now settling for a side.. he is finally making a ground to go for the option of avoiding the ‘karmic opportunity, the war’ and expanding his logic to support his position. What he is saying here that ‘We are the wiser of the lot and can see the harm and thus stay away from this war which will result in destruction of family.’ Krishna is standing there to restore the ‘order’, for the ‘triumph of the truth’ but Arjuna is still engaged in saving the lives of his family. While he would be making sense to himself but Krishna would be smiling as usual upon his words. Even you can see that Arjuna does not seem to draw his own attention upon the lakhs of other ordinary soldiers’ lives (who are on either side – owing to their destiny and divine plan) which are on stake due to this war. He is still not able to see this war as the ‘war for the truth and righteousness’.
Almost every modern Arjuna takes wrong decisions in everyday life just because he/she fall in the trap of saving someone in the ‘family’. It happens because one is not open to perceive higher goals, higher motives and higher wisdom. To practice Gita in life you need to sharpen your intellect so that you can see the ‘karmic opportunities’ in the light of your right wisdom. Whenever faced with a situation which requires you to take some decisions – become like Arjuna – keep seeking advice from ‘krishna’ who is always available right here in our ‘chariot-heart’ always ready to advise us and ever ready to take our commands to drive us where we want.. if we insist.
Listen to Him for He never fails to whisper right words unto us. Only putting His words in action we can realize the ‘Truth’.
- Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath
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Chaotic Pranayamas can either make you Numb or an Emotional bomb : Beware!

|| Master is indispensable ||
Acharya AD, Please advise me the negative effects of bhastrika pranayama especially on the emotional content of the person practising. How to get over these bad effects? - GK Nayar

Beloved GK Nayar,


The simple rule of science says if there is an action there would be associated effect and it would be unfair to presume that breathing like crazy wouldn't do a thing to our body, emotional state and mind. You ask a valid question yet I have a feeling you are not guided properly and hardly under supervision of a Guru for if you had been you wouldn't ask this question here in a forum. I get overwhelmed to see how people engage in some or the other 'fashionable things' (so what if that is chaotic breathing like bhastrika) just for fun or the sake of it... only to realize later that it is doing much more harm on many levels they never expected it to.

'Breath' is life, it is natural source of raw energy (prana) for our body, it is root cause of sustained organic activity; also you should understand breath as the handle for mind control, modulator of emotions, purging and catharsis mechanism. Breath serves as a foundation on which one can work for raising one's consciousness through the system of Yoga. How can this be an easy target of experimentation? I wonder how someone can become interested in fiddling with a live-wire between life and death without having a Master around to guide. But it happens and probably shall continue to happen if monetization of spirituality continues.

Yoga was for and shall continue to be for seekers. It will continue to harm people more than doing good if its handled casually by 'Serious health-freaks'. Because these health-freaks are primarily concerned with body and emotions only.. spirit and consciousness doesn't find mention in their wishlist. It is not a matter of debate but an established fact that Health is not the subject of only body alone - it is concerning with body, mind, energies, emotions, nature and spirit - all at once and narrow objectives can only cast holes in such a broad system of Yoga. Nevertheless you seem to be wise enough to understand it all and probably it was merely a repetition from my side of what you already know yet I sincerely advise you seek refuge in the lotus feet of an able Guru for learning and experimenting with 'breathing' because Guru shall focus on your spiritual growth and decide the path and practices for you.

Coming back to your question GKN... In fact your question needs two fold answer. Although you haven't asked the first part but I am sure there might be some confusion on What are emotions? How emotions are produced? Are emotions just aftereffects of stored memories, samskaras in action or something else? And without having understood the biology and anatomy of emotions it wouldn't be easy to perceive the second part of it - how breathing can affect these emotions. So lets take it up one by one.

|| Like a creeper you want to grow towards Light ||
Emotion is the overall perceived experience or feeling (this sensing or experiences is done through the senses of mind and body both) which is generated in your energy-body upon processing any (or many) stimulus. The means the intense and specific energy currents in your body correspond to emotions; different topology of the circuit through which the energy current passes would change the nature of emotion. It also means the more elaborate and extended your electrical (in physical sense) circuit is - more the varieties of emotions you can feel. So whenever there is spike in the energy within you - this energy shall be flowing through various parts of your nadi-system giving rise to an emotion. Upon further inquiry you would definitely question "If energy is high and there is only one circuit (Our Nadi System) how come different permutations and combinations of flow-pattern can it follow?" And the answer is "Which way the energy will flow depends upon the intelligence available within and the intent (choice) of the experiencer." In normal human beings this intelligence is quite crude and only habitual.. mostly driven by instincts of survival and reproduction thus they have only two emotions - Sexuality and Aggression. Primitive men were ruled by only these two instincts but having passed through centuries of evolution man stands at a pedestal where he has developed many more choices (we may call it intelligence too). It is only through satsang, swadhyaya, sadhana and grace of Master/Guru you gain new-insights and access to Higher-Intelligence.

Also it is important to know that more often than not; of the two factors which guide the energy flow in human body, the later (intent of the experiencer) is almost never developed (or say underdeveloped) so we find a common man to be 'the slave of his emotions'. One more thing which offers the energy could to disperse is the availability of active, cleansed, healthy nadis (channels) and activated energy centers (chakras) within the energy body. There are more than 700 chakras in your body which are lying in idle condition, incapable of providing shelter and passage to energies thus generated through external (some event or action of others) or internal (activation of inner dynamos by specific techniques like pranayama etc.) stimuli. So it becomes essential for us to learn about these centers and techniques through a Master so that our energy-currents (emotions) don't turn out to be disastrous and self-consuming. This higher knowledge will be given only when you serve the lotus feet of your Master with reverence and dedicate your life for a goal - larger than life.. higher than self.

Coming back to your question (asked) - How Bhastrika pranayama affects emotions of the practitioner. Well, having told you briefly about how emotions are formed it would be clearer to you by now that emotions don't take birth with a tag of name on it. These are just energy-bursts (flowing in upward or downward direction) which take a definite shape much before we realize it and then we have a name for these - lust, greed, anger, jealousy, pride, ego, grief, happiness, joy, depression, sinking, guilt and so on... 

Bhastrika or any other high-rate breathing pranayamas do is triggering the built-in dynamos and once they are put in energy-generation-mode you become edgy (loaded with energy.. almost ready to explode any moment) and prone to experience various emotions as they take shape for you haven't mastered the art of controlling the flow of this energy in your pranamaya kosha. You become the victim of your energies (emotions) and suffer because you can only watch helplessly once the process has started. You can not control it at your will. And that is the reason the unguided sadhakas and yoga practitioners (especially those who are doing pranayama without preparations) almost become neurotic as they grow (so called) in their practices. They will become full of anger, revenge, tit-for-tat, impulsive and even full of sexual fantasies. At the end of it they either become depressed, are thrown out of relationships or worse commit some crime and land up in jail or a mental asylum. Bhastrika won't help but only deteriorate the emotional balance if you are doing it all just for experimentation or else it will fuse all major chakras permanently closing all the doors for possible elevation of consciousness. It is dangerous!

Yoga is a sadhana (may be you still don't take it as that). And any sadhana is not a cakewalk. Guru is supreme here and whether you like it or not he can not be replaced by scriptures, google, youtube, CDs and books. It is only through Master that you can learn the secrets of Sadhana. We have many workshops on Yoga, Tantra but never forget to follow up because disciples are supposed to do things wrong. And that is the reason we keep close watch and maintain regular interaction with all practitioners whether they be of Yoga or Tattva Shakti Vigyaan after induction and initiation. Sadhana requires hand holding, continuous guidance and support and its my personal experience that no one can become Eklavya in the field of spirituality. May be you would still like to prove it to me otherwise..

You bet! Ego is not an easy thing to win over... (laughs)

Blessings from Masters..

- Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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International Yoga day - 2015 : Is India ready to lead the world?

||Lets get ready to celebrate International Yoga day||

International Yoga Day declared by U.N. on June 21. Lets talk about it a bit!

It would be truly un-Indian to not be proud of this widespread popularity and worldwide acceptance of an Indian Spiritual discipline. Yoga, which qualifies to be called a holistic-evolution-oriented lifestyle, is a discipline in itself. Its amazing to witness the uni-vocal support and admiration of our philosophy from all the nooks and corners of the world as this resolution got the support of 175 nations out of 193 member nations of the United Nations.

The only forgiving and welcoming nation of the world was under attacks from many foreign invaders. In fact India was ruled for centuries by the people who understood its philosophies, culture and language the least. Such ignorant lots of rulers not only tried to do away with all the good which we inherited from our ancestors but also misunderstood it thereby treating most of our practices as superstitions, taboos, unscientific and thought these to be kind of occult. It is surprising that Indian spiritual systems and invaluable philosophies still survived. In fact during those long periods of barbaric suppression of foreign rulers and invaders most of the spiritual teachers and Yogis moved towards Himalayas or deep in to forests.. thus survived our heritage. We are truly fortunate that Yoga has survived despite all the efforts of tarnishing its image by alien rulers.

Today's Yoga is not authentic!

During the foreign attacks and rules India lost majority of its treasures - the ancient spiritual texts and books. It is a well documented fact that the library of an Indian University (at Nalanda) was set on fire and it continued to muzzle smoke for almost 3 months! The planned eradication of ancient Indian scriptures by foreign invaders was for a purpose and they quite succeeded in it. This is the reason why Yoga, a discipline which was learnt directly from Teachers by seekers of higher truth has been reduced to physical exercises. Also we find that every morning a new brand of Yoga is registered and patented. This is quite a sad state of affairs. In ancient India, Yoga was a subject of teaching in every Gurukulam - having a defined, elaborate syllabus and authentic reference books. But in this age of commercialization the authenticity of teachings is knowingly being compromised by patent-minded-money-hungry pseudo-Yogis. These modern-Yogis are trying to sell Yoga for health reason rather than a life-discipline which ensures evolution of humanity by promoting physical health, holistic mental health and highest level of spiritual & moral health.

India has a role in standardizing Yoga & its reference books!

Some people think that Yoga is meant for a holistic living and raising the practitioner's mental awareness but it is not true. It is this misplaced belief which has made Modern Yoga Gurus to go all out in trying to establish Yoga as a health capsule. Even disciples - who mostly learn it through TV shows or DVDs think Yoga is just to keep them fit and come as a rescue to all their indulgences in health-spoilers. What a shame that the rulers of India, which is mother of Yogic System is not able to tame these Yoga Branding, money hungry Gurus in its own land who are playing with the life of millions of people. These are the people who have contaminated the system and even go to the extent of making claims to invent some of it. Many such invented kriyas have been patented under some lucrative names and are making people suffer from innumerable negative effects of these unauthentic, against-the-basics, out of turn processes.

Now the time is ripe for all the authentic and moralistic Yoga Masters to join hands and ensure the word Yoga is not exploited any further. It is my conviction that Yoga must be taught only as per authentic ancient syllabus - prescribed in Yogic and Vedic scriptures! This has to be so until few decades of extensive researches oriented atmosphere is made available for conducting elaborate experiments to arrive at some truly pragmatic conclusions. You would believe it beyond doubts that the ancient Masters of Yoga have not tried to make up things for any commercial benefits. Hence no logic whatsoever should deter us from having a grounded belief in the teachings and textual references.

Yoga is 'the hope' for unification of Humanity and all faiths!

Yoga is a science. Just like Humanities, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics it is neutral to religious faiths and color of skin. Just like technology (which is the blended outcome of all sciences) has nothing to do with any particular faith or religion the same way yoga works on human body and mind without discrimination. One can be a Zoroastrian or a Jew and practice Yoga, one can be a Muslim and practice Yoga, a Christian can practice Yoga - Yoga doesn't impose any preconditions of faith or religion upon the practitioners. Yoga is about self-discipline, sharpening intellect, invoking the wisdom, balanced logical faculty and compassion within. It is about expanding your boundaries.. rather to put it correctly I should say that Yoga is about dissolving your personal boundaries by invoking all the positive and humane qualities in the humans apart from giving the ability to see and feel beyond -the road to bliss! Any practitioner of Yoga can not term himself to be a fanatic because he is then able to clearly see the blurred boundaries between faiths. 

Just as of now Mars, Sun or Moon, antibiotics, technology, electricity etc. don't belong to any religion but all in the same way Yoga is a discipline for human race for its own evolution and perfection.

Yoga teaching can never be a mass-teaching!

Yoga, which has its roots in Vedas, essentially takes into account the individual practitioner's nature, orientation, body type, capacity and above all the energies. Principles of Ayurveda are interwoven in the Yoga and that is the reason Yoga was never a discipline which could be given remotely. You had to interact with the Master directly, face to face. You had to conduct your practices under Master's personal guidance. Yoga was never and should never be 'One pill for all' approach.

As a rule (depending upon the condition and conditioning of the practitioner) Master chooses the best suited practices for the disciple and guides him/her through them.. closely monitoring the effects and fine-tuning, altering, revisiting them almost instantaneously ensuring progress of the disciple. Also the teacher would know how much to expect from a particular disciple because every individual learns, assimilates and progresses differently and not all can become Master one day - despite all sincere efforts!

Am I implying to a 'ban' on TV Gurus? Well.. that could be true because I believe if tomorrow someone starts giving out classes on the TV on 'how to swim' or 'how to read' you will jump to ask 'How can you teach swimming without taking someone to the pool?' then why not ask the same in case of Yoga which prepares for meditation and samadhi?

It is encouraging to see an idea from Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi win such a thumping majority at a truly diverse forum yet a lot needs to be done to make the best out of it. Are we ready to lead the world?

Are India and nations united listening?

- Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath
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Meditation - Your first and the last freedom!

|| Meditation is the only answer ||

Beloved AD, What is this fire in the heart? How can I get free from this? - TS

Beloved TS,

The fire in your heart is the thirst of yours..

This thirst exists till real knowledge has not happened. I use word 'happened' intentionally because this 'true' knowledge is not attained.. it is not gathered.. it happens. It happens because it is not knowledge at all in the senses we generally refer this word to.

On a cloudy day we may feel sun doesn't exist but the fact is sun is already there and very much available. The dense cover of cloud is prohibiting sun to to become available to us.. happen to us. So someone is thirsty means the knowledge has not happened yet. The person may be knowledgeable.. very well informed.. but not yet wise.. not full of love and light. It is this 'happening' knowledge is what removes all thirsts, all darkness, all desires.. But till the time desires keep happening in the mind (btw desires happen only in mind..) there can be only fire in the heart. And till the time fire is there you keep running around.. trying to douse that through accumulation of ideas, information, people & things etc. in and around you. In your futile efforts you do and learn all sorts of crazy things, pursue different careers and passions you say are close to your heart.. And even after doing all that.. this fire stays ablaze.. albeit with much more intensely.

The fire in heart is.. the 'search' of mind.

If I word it more accurately spell 'search of mind' it will change the perspective itself and I shall be bound to say there is no search of mind.. the mind itself is "search". It is not that it is search of mind. Mind in itself is a directionless, confused, circular activity of a segment of consciousness and this aimless wandering is felt as 'longing' or 'search'. It is this restlessness which makes you feel uneasy and experience this 'fire in the heart'. The fire in the heart is merely an indicator of the fact that the mind still exists.

If you have followed science in your schooling.. you must have read about the Brownian motion. In gaseous and liquid phase of matter the atoms continue to wander here and there aimlessly. If a philosopher looks at this motion he will attach a wonderful theory to it. Fortunately a noble philosopher did not gazed upon this movement so far. Whenever a philosopher looks at this peculiar motion his postulate would something really interesting.. like... 'The endless haphazard movement indicates that atoms are searching for something!

But the fact is atom's aren't searching for anything.. they are restless due to heat energy and until the temperature of these atoms is not brought to absolute zero this motion shall continue. In the same way This continuous wandering, Brownian motion, restless motion  of our mind indicates we have not reached the "Absolute" so far.

All the search of man is to attain the absolute. And this translates to dropping the mind. It should be the contradiction of highest degree that the whole gambit of activities in which mind ceaselessly engages is about attaining the state of complete rest... but that is the Truth!

This state of complete rest can never be attained by allowing the mind to jump from one idea to another, one object to other, one pleasure to other for the ideas are countless, objects are infinite. However it would be unfortunate if you thought it is impossible to put this mind to rest because there is meditation. Whichever way you are able to get to it.. you will have to do it if you wish to get rid of this burning in your heart. You will have to begin your journey.. sooner the better. No one can't guarantee that it will lead to 'attainment' yet only meditation is the way. In whatever way.. but when you attain that restfulness of mind, enlightenment happens. As the true 'self' gets revealed you know the 'bliss; for the first time.

So the ultimate search is about complete death of mind but its complete rest. Interestingly the search if not of the mind... the mind itself is search. Mind exists as a ropeway.. a bridge between you and the bliss. And desire and the fire is not something to be condemned for the desiring is divine aspect of mind. Yet these desires are the only barriers between real you (the atman.. your soul) and the ultimate soul (paramatman) and we need to use the bridge of mind to crossover.

In the force-field which exists between atman and parmatman this poor mind is continuously in a state of turmoil. Mind's freedom can happen only in its virtual death who who doesn't fear death? Mind too fears its death and thus continues to escape by engaging in the outer world. 

When we become aware of this fact - we start moving in the right direction.We do not search for anything. We know that between the happening and current existence only mind is coming. So we just allow this mind to disappear. When zenith of awareness and absolute attentiveness is achieved at that very moment the mind disappears, the union happens! 

The search is mind. The thirst is synonym to search. And thirst is the fire in your heart. So the question is not who is thirsty, the question should be what is thirst and how to quench it. My way is of Tantra - through Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. And frankly Tantra is not about telling you how to make love or how to kiss.. rather it is the path where your thirst itself is used as a prop to propel you towards the 'Absolute'. So don't wait till you are eaten up by this fire.. learn how to fulfill your dreams...plan for union with the param, the absolute so that the fire gets doused forever.

- Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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How to Meditate?

Meditation or Dhyan is the buzz word of this century. Everyone is doing it or at least 'trying' to do it however most of people (estimated 99.0 % of meditators) don't get to that 'wished depth' of dhyan.

If you are still not experiencing that divinely, awesomely great feeling in your meditations despite regularity in your practices YOU must know 'WHY?'

Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath, a proponent of Tantra and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan answers what all you ought to do to deepen your meditation experience and take maximum benefit from this ancient spiritual practice. Some basic preparations are like Ahara Shuddhi, Vichar Shuddhi, Nadi-Shuddi, Tattva Shuddhi, Chakra Shuddi etc..

If you feel you need further guidance from Acharyaji you can attend to any of upcoming TSV workshops and get initiated in the path - The Road to Bliss!


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Join Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

||Let your inner being grow with Tattva Shakti Vigyaan|||

For all the seekers of Bliss, Peace & Love.. 
here’s an opportunity
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Those who are living in and around Delhi, NCR can induct themselves in to ancient and authentic practices of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan - The science of Spirituality. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Level - I workshop shall introduce you to many ancient secret practices which flow down only in Guru-Shishya parampara. The initiation shall trigger the processes of inner-purification, unburdening self and you shall achieve balanced outlook through chakra balancing and Tattva Shuddhi. 

Introduction to Tantra and Kriya Yoga, rituals and science behind them, untold secrets about Pranayama, Tattva Dharana Kriya and advanced energy dynamics of pranayama-kosha. This full day workshop shall be conducted by Ma Shakti Devpriya and Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath and to attend this event your contribution shall be Rs. 3100/- only.

Owing to very less number of seats you are required to register for the event in advance. 
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Should I use magnetic wrist band? 
|| Random Overdose of Magnetic field - Not advisable||

AD, what are your views on Magnetic Wrist Bands. Felt like wearing one and thought to seek your inputs. - SR

Beloved SR,

But for what I ask?

Human body has been designed for low to moderate exposures to EM radiations and functions well when certain physical fields like Electric, Magnetic or Gravitational are within its tolerable range. If we believe evolution theorists this human body is the outcome of state of the art technology which is still sole propriety of the 'Creator' or 'God'. And we have no reason to doubt that He would have designed this body keeping in view all the factors.. like our habitat, surrounding fields and the characteristics of planet we live in. Perfectly so or else the human race would have perished by now owing to the activities beyond its habitat, earth.

Although space beyond the earth's stratosphere is a happening place. Every moment thousands of new stars are being born, old stars are dying, galaxies are expanding, deadly space storms are moving with highest of speeds. All sorts of gigantic activities keep happening out there but we stay protected here. It has been discovered that Earth's magnetic field is His way of protecting us. It works as a protective shield from all the deadly radiations coming in. Even the so called  the  'source of life' called Sun would annihilate us if this protective cover of magnetic field did not exist.

Magnetism is a wonderful phenomenon and quite understandably we should be enthusiastic to understand it better and then use this field to our advantage. But over-enthusiastic experimenters without studying its effects on human body have made people guinea-pigs. All I am saying that they are just experimenting with this field (of course making huge money too) without having to offer any logical (leave scientific) explanation of its healing mechanism.

Earth's magnetic field is in the range of just few tens of micro Tesla and even that was studied by our ancient seers. It is the same reason they came up with rules for aligning our bodies with earth's magnetic field. For example in the current manvantara based on the north-south pole orientation of earth we have been advised to sleep in particular direction (head or feet facing certain direction N-E-W-S). There are certain spiritual practices which are to be performed facing certain directions. To your surprise a whole system of kundalini awakening exists in which a sadhaka has to orient his body in specific way for few years to get the desired results. And all these systems are there to offer logical explanations to what these intend to deliver. Now think, if such a low strength of field can work wonders for you what impact it would be to use few hundred or thousand times strong field close to your body. For better understanding a fridge magnet is about 0.001 tesla. If we compare the Earth's magnetic field is about 0.00005 tesla and an average MRI magnet measures 1.5 tesla.

To some extent the use of tiny button magnets at certain points on chi meridians on body can be called a valid experimentation however saying the wrist band would help..  leave apart the other factors like strength or orientation even the point of exposure is not fixed hence the benefits are extremely doubtful.


- Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath